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Longmont’s Only Certified Pediatric And Prenatal Chiropractor

The health of your family may be one of the most important factors in your life. A family’s well-being depends on its health, from the biggest to the smallest.

We provide the treatment your family needs to maintain great health, and live life to its fullest. We utilize state of the art instruments and techniques to stay on the cutting edge of musculo-skeletal health, which affects all aspects of health, and even mood.

Each of our patients receives the same amount of care and attention that we afford our own family. We highly value everyone that walks into our office, and we make sure it shows.

Our main goal is your well-being. Dr. Tyler is committed to spreading wellness, and has extensive knowledge in how to do so.

Active Family Chiropractic: Treatment you need. Time you deserve. Trust you can count on.

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Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care includes spinal corrections and chiropractic adjustments that will realign the spinal column. These adjustments help to bring the body to a state of total health and wellness.


Corrective Exercises

Corrective Exercises are a series of stretches and simple calisthenic exercises that help to prevent subluxations in the spine. Our doctors will recommend corrective exercises to you based on your needs and individualized care plan.


Spinal & Postural Screenings

Spinal and Postural Screenings with x-rays and the Insight Subluxation Station allow our doctors to identify and target specific areas in the body that may be causing pain or discomfort.


Lifestyle Advice

Many aspects of modern life contribute to pain symptoms. A consultation with our doctors about your habits and lifestyle may shed some light on problem-causing factors you weren’t aware of.


  • I did not believe I could find a chiropractor as good as Brian Logan whose Great, Great Grandfather founded the Logan Chiropractic Institute in St Louis. I was amazed that Dr. Tyler Perkins is as good, both as a chiropractor and holistic healer.
    Les H. -
  • An amazing office that really focuses on the thing that matters: family.
    Kim S. -
  • I had the privilege to have Dr. Tyler treat me while working with him in another practice. I was always so impressed with his knowledge in so many techniques. I always experienced profound relief. Thank you so much Dr. Tyler.
    Cheryl D. -
  • My daughter was scared to go to the chiropractor at first but he made her comfortable and look forward to going! Dr. Tyler was awesome with all of my children and my husband and I.
    Stephanie L. -
  • Dr. Tyler truly listens to your concerns and uses various techniques to address the issue. The office is very inviting and kid friendly-my two year old loves "going to da doctor". Highly recommended!
    Sarah C. -

Wellness begins when you want it to

Our world has sped up, and it has become harder and harder to keep our focus on everything. Our health and wellness, the very root of our overall well-being, is one thing we can’t afford to ignore.

If you experience occasional or frequent back pain, find yourself getting tired faster than you used to, or find it difficult to keep concentration, a free consultation from Dr. Tyler may be right for you.

Dr. Tyler will talk to you about your lifestyle habits, perform some medical screenings and other observations, and provide you with some insight into where some of your difficulties may be coming from, and how to set out on the road to improvement.

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