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Prenatal and Infant Care

Prenatal Care

We love seeing new moms in our office – especially at the tenth week of pregnancy. But why so soon? The sooner we see mom in the office the sooner we can support her body and her baby’s body throughout the pregnancy. There are many benefits to care for pregnant moms. The first of those being her comfort. Research shows that women who are adjusted on a regular basis experience lower many unpleasant and sometimes unbearable issues including back pain, sciatic pain, digestional issues and stress overall. What they gain is a better quality of sleep. When a woman’s pelvis is aligned properly baby is able to turn when baby is ready to turn. Chiropractors are not the ones who “turn the baby”. What we do is help mom’s body to function appropriately so that baby can move into the right position as soon as possible. This can be key when we begin to discuss babies who are presenting as breach. Cesarean is recommended for babies who are breach. If mom does not wish to have a c-section, it would be a great idea to have her come in for an adjustment to help the baby move as needed. Dr. Tyler is certified in the Webster technique for the care of pregnant women.

Newborns and Infants

It may not seem possible, but newborns may be safely adjusted hours after birth. As baby grows, neural connections are being formed in the brain, down the spinal column, and throughout the body. While it is important to ease symptoms such as colic, ear infections, torticalous, acid reflux, and irritability, the main goal is to help create a body that is growing appropriately. In this way, we are setting the stage for long term health. We are removing subluxation, or the interference, and letting that baby develop as intended.

Labor is very difficult on baby as well as mom. This can cause issues such as a head that is tilted or turned favoring one direction. Maybe you have noticed they favor one arm or side over the other. Perhaps they nurse on just one side. These are indicators of discomfort. Your baby will eventually learn a way to work through the problem. But that is not solving or removing the problem; it is creating a work around only. What we strive to do is take away the interference and let your baby develop as they should develop rather than accomedate for these issues. What we see in infants after being successfully adjusted is they are calmer, they are able to sleep better, nursing is much easier.

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