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Children to Young Adult Care

How can an adjustment help my child?

Most of us picture the average chiropractic patient as the middle-aged person with a "bad back". However, it is never too early to experience the benefits of the chiropractic adjustment. Many of our moms and dads bring their child in after a fall, injury, or illness. While we are more than happy to help with these issues, we hope to offer more than patch care for a single symptom. Our goal, as with our older patients, is to clear the nervous system.  Our brains control every system in the body, whether that control is a wired connection through the nerves or “wirelessly” through hormones. If there is interference in the signal to any of these systems we can see symptoms of poor digestion, ADHD, weight issues, poor performance in activities, and schooling. Typically what we see is that kids are not just dealing with aches and pains they are dealing with functional deficits as well. In our office we ask “how can we remove interference and allow their body to heal through a complete process rather than looking for a way to circumvent a symptom?” This allows the body to do what it does best - regulate for health. This means relief without side-effects or hospital stays.

Young Adults

As we mature our bodies are still changing. It can seem that we are invinsible as we grow stronger and more confident. However, this confidence can sometimes lead to injury. Without balanced care we can set ourselves up for unnecessary chronic issues. Our office sees many young elite athletes with dreams of going on to a career in professional sports. Consider that even the developing artist should maintain excellent health if they expect a long and active career in their desired field, whether it is in graphic arts, as a classical musician, or as a world class ballerino. A healthy lifestyle is key to following any dream. Dr. Tyler can advise on exercises, posturing, and other regulating factors that put students at their peak performance.

We want to help create healthy individuals.

That goal never changes from infancy through adulthood.

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