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What would you take?

Imagine walking into your bank and there, on the counter, out in the open, you found a stack of $20, $50 and $100 dollar bills. Next to this stack of cash you see a container of ballpoint pens. Now, we realize that you are not a thief by nature. But suppose for a moment you were to take one of those two items.

You would take the cash, right?

Coming in for an adjustment for a quick fix from aches and pains is, in this scenario, like taking the pens rather than the cash. The chiropractic adjustment has so much more to offer for your overall health and well being than just relief from back or neck pain. It's true that an adjustment can help with these aches and pains, but an adjustment offers so much more!

Chiropractic care is so much more than pain relief!

Our nervous system serves as the master control for our bodies. Whether it is our muscles, our organs, or our mental and emotional health. Our nervous system is the conduit through which impulses from our brain travel. If those signals are blocked or compromised they will not transmit properly. Our spines are the major highway for these connections. When a vertibra is subluxed, or moved out of proper position, it compromises that signal.

You can think of it as an interrupted or poor cell phone connection. When carrying on a phone conversation with a weak signal the person on the other end of the line is very difficult to understand, right? So it is when we experience vertebral subluxation. The brain's ability to connect with organs and various systems in the body is no longer open and clear.

What are the symptoms of subluxation?

Due to this poor connection we may experience:



difficulty sleeping








poor balance/coordination


ear infections

difficulty concentrating

poor digestion

and several other conditions

It's all About Wellness!

We are not offering the one size fits all cure, nor the magic pill, which will eliminate all of your symptoms instantly. What we are offering is a plan to aid your body in what it does best - self regulation. It is our belief that your body is designed for health and wellness. The aim of the chiropractic adjustment is to give your body the tools it needs to ease symptoms and function properly. Together let's remove the interference and allow your body to do the rest. After an examination, Dr. Tyler can present a tailored plan of care that will address your concerns and create a partnership toward your health goals.

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