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We utilize a state-of-the-art system in our office that allows us to measure and record how well a body is functioning, and how it is responding to care.  This scan is preformed during the initial examination and may be repeated as you progress through care, allowing you and the doctor to compare pre and post results.  It’s one thing to feel better while under care, and we want you to feel better, but it is our aim to work with your body and allow it to function at a higher level.

Over time, daily stress can change a person’s health.  Muscles along the spine can shorten, spinal joints can begin to lock while postures twist and shift.  Most importantly, the nerves inside the spine that connect the brain to the body start to be affected.  The spinal nerve tension begins to change the core of your body.

The chiropractic “COREscore” is a powerful and simple way to measure and report the tension in your spinal nerves.  Using three important measurements we are able to assess the stress present in your body (conscious or not).  Heart rate variability determines your overall ability to adapt to the daily stress you encounter.  Muscle tone and balance evaluates the control of the muscles that support and move your spine.  Organ and gland control assesses the part of your nervous system that helps control your organs, glands, and blood vessels, and can be measured through the paraspinal temperature.  These three scans are quick, easy, and non-invasive, allowing Dr. Tyler to accurately measure and assess your health as you continue to reach and exceed your health goals.

This technology is certified by the Space Foundation and is used on Super Bowl champions, Olympic Gold medalists and star athletes around the world.  Dr. Tyler is excited to bring this technology to Longmont and offer it to families interested in improving their overall wellness as well as to athletes who are looking to improve their health in a measurable and predictable manner.