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Chiropractic & The Safety Pin Cycle
12 Nov, 2014. 0 Comments. Uncategorized. Posted By: Dr. Tyler Perkins

So what does this safety pin have to do with anything? How could we apply this to Chiropractic and the body?

A safety pin can take one of two positions, either open or, as we see above, closed. When the safety pin is closed you can see it forms an oval. This is how we can imagine the body when it is functioning at it’s full potential. The brain (clasp on top of the pin) sends out a message through the solid beam and reaches the destination at the other end (coil), which responds to that message and sends a singal back to the top (clasp). This is what we see go on in the body, where the brain will send out a message to an organ or muscle, the message reaches the target and a response is relayed back to the brain! When this cycle is complete the brain gathers important information and makes appropriate changes to the system to achieve optimum health and everyone’s happy!

But what happens when that safety pin pops open? This is a problem that we call a “Subluxation”. This big “S” word is used to explain an interuption in the connection between brain and body. If the communication between the two are interrupted the results may or may not be noticed right away. Changes are subtle at first and get worse as time passes. Symptoms are often presenting long after the subluxation occured, which is why it is so important that people are getting checked for any interuption in their nervous system, even when we may feel fine. The idea of getting checked even when we are without symptoms may be foreign, and that’s because in the ’80s Chiropractic came to be known as great way to relieve headaches and back pain. Don’t get me wrong, getting adjusted does wonders for easing aches and pains, but if we stop at pain relief we are missing the bigger picture.

Visit your Chiropractor, get checked, and keep your system functioning! If you don’t have a Chiropractor it’s time to get out and find someone who has the integrity of your nervous system as their priority, as only a Chiropractor is trained in detecting and correcting subluxations!

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