Germs vs. You

Germs. I shudder at the mention of them, which is likely from decades of being told about how we must wash ourselves clean from germs, we need to avoid germs, and that these nasty little buggers make us sick! But is that so? Let’s talk..

For the longest time it’s been said that the bacteria in and on our body outnumbers our own cells by 10 to 1…now, that may be a bit of an exaggeration according to research as of January 2016. The ratio is more likely 1:1, which honestly isn’t very comforting as we’re told that these germs will wreck our health.

But we need to consider that not all bacteria is bad, actually we’d be in a world of hurt without it. One specific strain (Lactobacillus for my fellow nerds) digests foods that we would otherwise be unable to handle…kinda cool to think about!

So what has been said about these germs by the developer of Chiropractic? According to BJ Palmer, “If the germ theory were true there’d be no one alive to believe it”. Well now, that’s a little polarizing. But honestly I wouldn’t have it any other way. In a great philosophical text the comparison between germs and vultures are made, and for some reason this has always stuck with me. Consider if you were driving down a desert highway and saw a vulture feasting on the side of the road. Would you first assumption be that this (not so) majestic bird of prey has hunted, stalked, attacked, and took down that meal…or is it more likely that the vulture saw the opportunity for a meal in what was roadkill? I like to think of germs much like the vulture. While they are seen in people going through symptoms (runny nose, cough, nausea, diarrhea, etc..), they are there because they saw the opportunity for an environment that would allow them to multiply and populate the terrain.

With this in mind perhaps it’s time we re-think our tactics of staying healthy. Rather than being reactive, waiting for these symptoms to arise and then bombarding our systems with antibiotics (by the way, do antibiotics only kill the bad bacteria? What about that Lactobacillus we learned about earlier…?) maybe we should focus less on the use of hand sanitizer and taking “sick” days away from work and invest in a proactive approach, something that can build up our immune system, make our bodies less susceptible to infection and promote health. It’s not that foreign of a concept and nowhere near a new idea. In 1917 and 1918, during the Spanish Flu epidemic the statistics are staggering between those who were treated with a medical approach compared to those who were under the care of Chiropractors. The numbers reflect that, out of 10,000 flu patients under medical care, 950 died (9.5%), compared to those under chiropractic care, which showed the same 10,000 cases resulting in only 25 deaths (0.25%). In similar fashion, those seeking care for pneumonia, 10,000 medical cases resulted in 6,500 deaths (65%) while those seeking nonmedical care, 10,000 cases resulted in 100 deaths (1%). What is even more staggering than these numbers are the records that show specifics of what happened. One such record documents that, in the state of Oklahoma, Chiropractors were called in on 233 medical cases that the doctors had deemed as a lost cause. Out of these 233 cases, only 25 resulted in death, even though all had been previously written off by their medical doctors.

With all this being said, my job is to educate our community so that their choices can be informed, and yield better results. After all, if we continue to do what we’ve always done we’ll continue with the same results we’ve always had. If you’re interested in learning more about promoting health in your family please call our office at (303) 651-1810. Even if you’re not in the Longmont/Boulder County/Northern Colorado community we can help find a great office to provide wonderful care for you close to home.

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