From the moment you walk into Active Family Chiropractic, you’ll sense that we’re different than any office you’ve visited before. Not only will you be greeted with a welcoming smile, but also a warm and comfortable environment. And being Longmont’s only office certified to work with pediatric patients, our office promotes a kid-friendly environment, featuring a section of their very own; full of toys, trains and books.

When you call to schedule your first visit, we will book your initial appointment and a follow-up. We do this to ensure we are being as thorough as possible with your care, whether you are seeking Chiropractic care to relieve headaches and sciatica, or have come looking for an answer to your child’s sleepless nights and ear infections.

First Visit

About 40 minutes

When you arrive, you will be asked to fill out some health history forms, unless you’ve filled them out ahead of time (contact us and we can send you the forms). Our caring staff will help you get comfortable with the office before seeing the chiropractor. We’ll get started with your consultation by taking a comprehensive history and answering any questions you may have, gaining an understanding of what has brought you in. We will perform scans with the advanced Insight Subluxation Station and take X-rays if needed. Through this 40 minute process, we will seek to locate the CAUSE of your symptoms so we can develop an effective plan to help you. Our Doctors will then take the time to analyze your case and create a personalized care plan to meet your health goals.

Follow-up Visit

About 30 minutes

At your follow-up appointment, we will go through a full report of findings from all testing, scans and X-rays from your first appointment. We will give you a detailed explanation of how we can help you achieve your health goals and what our plan of action will be to get you feeling and functioning better. We will also discuss what it will take to help you maintain incredible health, and work with your financial situation to set the plan that is right for you. You will also receive your first adjustment and be on your way to a healthier you.

Regular Visits

About 10 minutes

Most people love the way they feel and function under chiropractic care and want to prevent future pain or injury, so they choose to continue seeing us for wellness care. It’s just like seeing the dentist periodically to make sure your teeth are in good shape. You can stay on top of any problems that may occur and enjoy the greatest levels of wellness.

At each of your appointments, we encourage you to ask questions! We are always available by phone or email as well. We want to be certain you feel supported during your chiropractic journey.

Start your journey today by contacting us at (303) 651-1810.