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If you’ve never visited a Chiropractor before, your first visit to Active Family Chiropractic might shock you.

Expect to be greeted with a smile and to feel welcome and comfortable from the get go. We pride ourselves on our friendly and attentive staff, and our comfortable office. When you arrive you may be asked to fill out some medical forms, unless you’ve filled them out ahead of time.

Don’t anticipate waiting for too long; though we keep a busy schedule, we also make sure we make enough time for every patient. Not only does that encompass enough time to answer all of your questions before and after an adjustment, but also your wait time before your appointment. We know how it feels to wait at the doctor’s office.

When you meet Dr. Tyler he will ask you some questions about what concerns brought you into the office, and what you want to achieve through Chiropractic care. He will ask some questions about your lifestyle, and explain how some of those factors could lead to misalignment that chiropractic aims to correct.

After  defining your goals, Dr. Tyler will perform an examination. These typically entail the use of x-rays to get a better look at your spine. After examining both spinal and postural screenings, Dr. Tyler will explain the adjustments he intends to make, and the intended effect. An adjustment will entail X and will only last a short time. After the adjustment, Dr. Tyler will talk to you more about certain changes to your lifestyle, diet, or activity that may be beneficial for your overall health.

An appoint usually only lasts X minutes, and after the first one, an adjustment can be completed in as little as X minutes, making a trip to Dr. Tyler a no-hassle, no-stress event.