Oct 20
Tummy Time
20 Oct, 2017. 0 Comments. Uncategorized. Posted By: Heather Perkins
A question that is asked far too often - “Is tummy time for babies really that important?!” …YES!!! But why?! Tummy time is important to help develop the curves that are present in our spines, and helps strengthen the muscles in your baby’s neck – necessary for baby to be able to hold their head up! Tummy time is also important to prevent torticollis – the term that is used to describe “wry neck” or the painful muscle spasm that keeps us from being able to move our necks properly (yes this happens to babies too!). In addition, allowing baby…
May 22
Guest Blog: Dr. Tony Ebel – Part 4
22 May, 2015. 0 Comments. Uncategorized. Posted By: Dr. Tyler Perkins
But Where is the Fluid Going? But alas, a few months or so later, the parents go walking by the kiddo’s room at night and hear him or her snoring and breathing really loudly. It sounds concerning and so who do they call? Yep, call the pediatrician again. This time the pediatrician isn’t as concerned with the ears, but now says that the tonsils and adenoids are “swollen” and the kiddo has a strep infection. But hey, don’t worry! This one is actually bacterial a lot of the time, so you guessed it! MORE ANTIBIOTICS! Well, as time progresses the…
May 19
Guest Blog: Dr. Tony Ebel – Part 2
19 May, 2015. 0 Comments. Uncategorized. Posted By: Dr. Tyler Perkins
How Childbirth Relates to Ear Infections As we move forward, those three components of the subluxation lead to two main problems that cause and contribute to ear infections: Poor “plumbing” or drainage Lowered (weakened) neuro-immune function When there is physical trauma to the neck in-utero, during birth, or from a fall early in life it creates that “kink” in close proximity to the “drain pipes” coming from the ears, sinuses, and head. Specifically, the top two vertebra share a lot of nerve supply, muscles, and structures with the inner ear and sinuses. If you “kink” those vertebrae you start to…